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ISROM performs a complex manufacturing activity that includes all its specific stages :
  • 3D mechanical aided design (CAD);
  • aided electrical / electronic / software design;
  • cutting processing of mechanical parts components on our own CNC machining centers (CAM);
  • final installation and commissioning of the equipment;
  • In general ISROM manufactures custom, unique or even series mechatronics equipment, based on the client's request.
    Besides the new custom equipment we also perform changes / modifications of existing equipment according to new production requirements of our client.
    We usually manufacture diverse automated production equipment for production lines in various industries:
  • automotive industry (automotive manufacturing);
  • general use industry;
  • food industry;
  • cement industry;
  • packaging technique;
  • other industries;

  • img Assembly stations

    img Laser marking stations

    img Testing stations - Endurance stations

    img Pressing / assembly stations

    img Deburring stations

    img Ultrasonic welding stations

    img Pallets robots

    img Packaging machines

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    • 08/08/2013 New ISROM website launch
    • 20/10/2010 ISROM online shop www.isrom.net launch


    S.C. ISROM Impex S.R.L.
    T. Vladimirescu St. no. 56B
    410203 Oradea

    Tel: 0259/457.771 (5 lines)
    Fax: 0259/457.772